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Hey guys! I'm Amy! You have reached the wikia's creator :D


Age- 11

Eye Color-brown

Hair Color-black, boring right?


Favorite Colors- Purple!

Favorite Food- Fried chicken. Yum.

Sports- Volleyball, Chickenball( Funny sport. We throw a rubber chicken around to other people and score it into the goal)Badminton

Extracuricular Activities- Don't have any! Wish I did though :/ I might join Art Club this year though.

Favorite School Subject- Gym. Duh. Kinda weird, because last year, it was my worst sport. XD

Least Favorite School Subject- Social Studies and History. Worst subjects ever.

Grades- Well, I've never gotten below 75 this year (in my school, 75 is a straight B)

Music- I love all types of music really. The types I like the most are Soft Rock, and Pop

One Interesting Fact- I write short stories. And novels too.

Another Interesting fact- Idk >.<

Favorite TV Shows- iCarly, Everybody Hates Chris, Some random animes, The Simpsons

Favorite Movie- Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows FTW!

Personality-Shy, nice, hot-tempered, sensitive

School Life- I'm really shy in school, but when it comes to my friends, I'm really outgoing and funny. Most people hated me last year, but they're getting to know me better.

Things I hate- Trolls, meany heads, random foods I hate, The Golden Compass movie, lots of other things.

Things I like- My friends, duh. Random foods I like. Too lazy to add other stuff.

Favourite Youtubers- RWJ, Liamariejohnson,

My Username-Amythest444, because I love amythests, and three 4s. Duh.